Hey, I’m Steve Kibuika.
and I build things for the web.

My Skills



Javascript ES6






Projects I've worked on

With my skills I have worked on a couple of projects, some individually and others in a team. Have a look.

LennyArts Website

This is a portfolio website for LennyArts, a creative design agency. Built using Reactjs and Styled-components. Uses an external mail server to send emails.


CodeMatata is a project to help teach others how to get started in code. The website is to help keep track of the upcoming events and the past recorded events. Built using Reactjs, styled-components, Oauth, also with a Spring-Boot backend.


Website built for a consulting firm in Nairobi.


This is an online learning resource platform for computer science classes at The Technical University of Kenya. The platform receives an average of 300 MAUs. The next features the team and I are introducing is Sessions, these will be code sessions and talk sessions to disperse relevant programming knowledge to interested students.


A web application to enable users to book salon services in London. This is a project for a client ventures in the service industry. The project includes an admin dashboard for service providers.

Shobill: Art Website

Shobill is a platform that sell contemporary African art. This platform was built using shopify.

Residelly Page Mock

This is a landing page that I built from figma designs. The build was for an evaluation challenge. I built this page in 9 hours.

TU-K Data

An API data source for weather data within The Technical University Of Kenya.

Hacker News

A website that uses the hacker-news API to display tech articles in the hacker news database.

Netflix Clone

A front-end build for the Netflix UI. I have always wanted to work with image data and this was fun to work with. I plan to use the same TMDB API to build another movie website both front-end and back-end.